Run the equator: Itinerary

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Here's a quick peek at our itinerary, just the countries we are going to visit and a few highlights, listed in chronological order. I will follow up with more detailed information soon:

  • Mexico (April 24 - May 5) - Cancun, Merida, tacos, tequila, Mayan ruins
  • Belize (May 5 - May 14) - Diving, Mayan ruins
  • Guatemala (May 14 - May 21) - Tikal and other Mayan ruins (OK, enough of those pyramids already) and seeing various small towns
  • Honduras (May 21 - May 29) - Lots of diving (more Mayan ruins?)
  • Ecuador (May 29 - June 20) - Quito, Spanish lessons, and the Galapagos Islands. I assume my wife will want to dive with the great whites, so the trip may end here ;-)
  • Peru (June 20 - July 13) - Lima, trekking up the Inca trail, Machu Picchu
  • Bolivia (July 13 - July 31) - Lake Titicaca, La Paz, the Uyuni salt flats
  • Argentina (July 31 - August 12) - Overland from Bolivia, horseback riding, Buenos Aires, trip to Montevideo (Uruguay)
  • South Africa (August 13 - Sept 8) - Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kruger National park, the Garden Route, we start our overland tour September 5 in Cape Town.
  • Namibia (Sept 8 - Sept 17) - The Namib Desert, wind, Estosha N.P. and maybe I'll get a chance to practice my German...
  • Botswana (Sept 17 - Sept 23) - Safari, the Okavango delta
  • Zambia - Safari, Victoria Falls
  • Malawi - Safari, trekking around lake Malawi
  • Tanzania - Safari, Zanzibar, perhaps climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Kenya - Ngorongoro crater to see pitiful inbred lions ...and tigers, Serengeti, Nairobi
  • Egypt - Pyramids and diving, need I say more?
  • Greece - Cheap flight out of Egypt. See the Acropolis and head on to a couple of islands
  • Italy - Rome in the fall, Naples, costa Amalfitana, lots of Pizza
  • Spain - Visiting museums in Madrid and all the bars in Barcelona
  • Romania - Visiting my mother, getting a new passport and going to the mountains in the dead of winter. Brrrr!
  • Turkey - Istanbul, and that's about it
  • India - Delhi, Goa, Tandoori chicken, all over the place
  • Thailand - Bangkok and many sandy beaches bustling with drunk westerners
  • Cambodia - Pnomh Penh, Angkor Wat - will I meet Angelina Jolie?
  • Laos - My wife only knows what we're doing in this country...
  • Vietnam - Saigon to Hanoi
  • Hong Kong - Fun! majestic!... and expensive!
  • China - Beijing, conquering the Great Wall, Shanghai maybe, seeing the places where our TVs and clothes are made
Still on the candidate list are Morocco (side trip from Spain) and Russia - we wanted to take the trans-siberian train from Beijing to Moscow but the Russian government would do everything they can to not let you into their country - keeping a tight control on who goes in and comes out of their precious steppes has always been a dear prerogative of any Russian - or Soviet - rulers. It's quite tough to get a visa for Russia, especially in a situation like ours, when we can't apply before leaving. That's it, no more Russia!


Not with a bang but a whimper said...

Man, that looks like a lot of fun. I really want to go to India, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Equator Babe said...

I'm trying to encourage people to come and meet us along the way. I'll publish more details about the itinerary, including dates, so anybody who wants to join us in any of those places is welcome.

jjjttt said...

damn, that's quite an itinerary. if you need any suggestions about guatemala, honduras, or india, i'd be happy to help. and hey, if i'm still living in india by the time you get here, i'd be happy to show you around. good luck!

Big Fat Rat said...


Feel free to suggest anything you think may be cool, I take notice of all suggestions. We've been reading a lot of blogs and travel books to hunt for interesting places but there's always stuff that's not in the books.

In India, we'll mostly stick to the northern part; southward, we'll get as far as Goa.


Anonymous said...

Bravos Fritzus, asa itinerariu mai zic si eu. Fii atent in Okavango sa nu te manince leii.

Zing said...

If you happen to pop by Singapore, let me know, we can have tea!

Yiru said...

If you go to shanghai, you it is worthwhile to side trip to my hometown Suzhou:


Cezar said...

Sa nu le spui la tanzanieni ca vrei sa vezi Ngorongoro si Serengeti in Kenya ca te vor perpeli la foc mic... Fara glume, e fain in Tanzania si in Kenya, dar tanzanienii au probleme mari cand spui ca zone din tara lor e in Kenya (mai ales Kilimanjaro !).