Run the equator: More germs this way

Saturday, January 20, 2007

More germs this way

On Thursday we got our second round of shots: twinrix (hepatitis A/B) - second shot, rabies - second shot, Japanese encephalitis - second shot, and typhoid fever - one time dose. Unlike after the first visit to the clinic, a week before, this time my left arm really hurt. On top of that, both Angela and I had a light fever that night - probably a side effect of one of the vaccines. I was fine the next morning - at least fine enough to go to work - but she was knocked out for most of the next day. It's hard to know now which vaccine caused the fever, because most of them have fever and flu-like symptoms as a possible side-effect. The good thing about it was that it made us go to bed at 10:30PM. When was the last time I was in bed at that hour?

Last round of shots for twinrix, JEV and rabies will be on Feb 12, then all this will be behind us. The not so good news is that I found out the insurance doesn't pay for malaria pills - and we need a year's supply.

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