Run the equator: Windows to a lost world

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Windows to a lost world

Uxmal - windows
Click on picture to see slide-show.

We did the "Puuc Route" on Monday and saw no less than five archaeological sites in a scorching heat. When we got to Uxmal, the most important of the sites, I was so beat that I could barely walk. But miraculously, a shot of espresso fixed the problem.

The route goes through a hilly region (Puuc means hills in Mayan), a welcome change after the boring flat plain of the northern Yucatan, making the driving a little more interesting and less prone to exhaustion caused by inactivity at the wheel.

We ended the trip in Campeche on the Western coast and found rock-star parking in front of the hostel we were going to stay at, which is not bad, has Internet access and sells beer.

The set of pictures is mainly made of "old stones", and is probably not as impressive as seeing the ruins in person, but I think there are a few good ones in there.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys! It's your ol'pal Michelle! You guys look like your having a great time. I'm so jeolous! Don't eat any of the dairy Angela!!! You two look like such tourists in your funny hats! Cracks me up. I love the pics, they are beautiful! Stay safe,

In my prayers, Michelle

Fritz...Marcus will be here in 2 weeks!!! you know what that means... :) LOL

Big Fat Rat said...

Yea Michelle, you show him quality!
Thanks for the wishes!

Not with a bang but a whimper said...

This is a fantastic set, Fritz. Forget what we said about Copan - Copan is pretty cool, but I haven't seen any ruins that hold of to these in terms of detail and creativity.