Run the equator: Wet county

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wet county

We are back in continental Ecuador, in Cuenca. It has been raining for 4 days straight and I can't help but think of drizzly Seattle...

Our goal here was to take language lessons at the "Simon Bolivar" Spanish school, but we had to drop out after three days because of some misunderstandings about the price - the lessons ended up being more expensive than we thought. Nonentheless, we got some good practice: I got to learn the various cases of the subjunctive and Angela learned shopping-Spanish. We stayed with a family and this provided even more opportunity for language practice.

It's very cold these days and no Ecuadorian house has any sort of heating system. The three blankets we have on the bed solve the problem for the night, but other than that it's back to thick socks, sweaters and rain coats.

Tomorrow we leave for BaƱos, which is a scenic village on the way between Cuenca and Quito, on the edge between the sierra and the oriental jungle lowlands. Hopping for better weather...


Anonymous said...

Hey guys!
You are very missed in Cuenca! The weather has started to change for the better and we have had some sunny days mixed in with our rain. THis Sunday, Michael, Whitney and I went over to one of Elena and Eugenios kids places to celebrate fathers day. It was crazy with all the kids running around (as I´m sure you can imagine). I finally sat down and drew out family tree so I think i´ve got everyone figured out now.
Whitney moved into your old room, Michael left this morning and a new kids, Pat moved in downstairs. Everything else is business as usual.
I am eager to hear how you are making out in Banos. I think I´ll be heading there next - my plan is still in flux!
Take care!!!

Big Fat Rat said...

Hey Megan,

thanks for the Cuenca update, and good luck with the preteritum!

Please send our warmest greetings to the Senora if you happen to read this!