Run the equator: Tough days...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tough days...

Inca stones
Colorful stones
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We're back in Cuzco after the Inca trail and there are plenty of stories to tell and pictures to upload, but sadly not enough time, since we have to pack our bags again and fly to the Tambopata research center in the Amazon tomorrow morning. Until I get to write and put all our stories here, then here's a set of pictures from the couple of trips we took to the beautiful Sacred Valley - an organized tour of the inca ruins and a hiking day with our friends Michael and Mor.

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Michael & MoR said...

Hey Guys,

We´re in Isla Del Sol for two nights and then on to La Paz. When will you be in Bolivia?

Can´t wait to hear the stories!

- Michael and Mor