Run the equator: Conversation

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Fritz: I'm a little worried about money...
Angela: Yes, I think we are spending too much, especially on food.
F: Yes, for a while now we've had a bottle of wine at dinner every night and recently we've started to have wine with lunch too. That adds up, you know?
A: True, we should eat cheaper for a while.
F: And no more wine for lunch, OK?
A: Yes, and tonight let's be really good and not spend too much money on dinner.

Food bill for that same night:

  • Garlic bread to start up
  • Chicken livers on ciabatta bread sprinkled with rocket (that's arugula for the rest of us)
  • Prawns with rice and salad
  • Fancy chicken sandwich
  • Bottle of white wine
  • Another round of prawns with rice and salad
  • Another bottle of white wine
Total: 450 Rand
Conclusion: to hell with it!
I guess we may come home earlier than planned if we keep it this way...


Anonymous said...

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April Greer Photography said...

HEY! Rock on, eat to your heart's content. Funny conversations, I love reading this blog. No offense but please don't come home! I'm living & traveling vicariously through you while I'm glued to this damn PC for the next two months editing photos. seriously angela, stay on fritz's ass about the budget! i can't imagine having you guys back so soon. At least make it till new year's...i'll send $$ if you need it. Just keep traveling and writing. Thank you.

:-) Ape

Anonymous said...

Somehow i think its not Fritz who breaks the budget :)))))
Angela, honey, miss you lots!!!! Time to come home already!!!

Robert said...

I agree with April, dont stop writing!

I have free beds and free food in Berlin, Amsterdam and maybe Barcelona waiting for you. And yes, alcohol in various forms as well, though that usually costs a headache. You just need to make it. So stop eating and drinking already! If an entire continent of Africans can live that way their entire lives, so can you a couple of months.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having a blast.Don't forget to drink some pinotage as well.

This picture is awesome.


Anonymous said...

Angela and Fritz,

I saw your South African food bill (450 Rand = U$ 62 = 481 pesos bolivanos). That is an awful lot of money for one evening. How about coming back to Bolivia. Over here life is a lot cheaper as your know :-)).

Hans and Gardenia.

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with the other Anonymous... I don't think it is Fritz breaking the budget... :)

Chad said...

spend it drink it eat it. there is always more money.

Michael & MoR said...

such a funny conversation - i remember those with you guys! it's ok! common - just have fun already without thinking of money!