Run the equator: Only good things about Malawi

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Only good things about Malawi

A shady corner
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Like most countries in this part of Africa, Malawi has followed the same historical pattern in recent times – colonial exploitation and neglect by the British, struggle for independence, euphoria for having a new country… then the leader of the struggle for independence becomes the first president and rules for life, banning all opposition and slowly bringing the country into ruin. After his demise or retirement (to their credit not all of those ‘fathers of nations’ died in office) a period of unrest follows, until timid but steady democratic reforms reflected through increasingly correct elections and shorter presidential terms pave the way through economic hardships to a more hopeful new millennium.

The Germans travel by tank

Our Malawi experience was set far from the more dire realities of the country. Malawi’s main attraction is the beautiful and eerie lake with the same name which borders this thin and elongated country on its eastern side. We strolled carefree in our truck from beach camp to beach camp, marveling at the beauty of the landscape, relaxing in the shadow of the palm trees and trying – mostly unsuccessfully - to make out the hazy outline of the Mozambique coast on the other side of the vast lake. The sun was burning, the breeze cooled down the afternoons and the beer was cold. It felt like the Caribbean…

Published from Nairobi, Kenya. Yes, the tour is over!

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