Run the equator: Muzak! Muzak!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Muzak! Muzak!

We have given in to Christmas-shopping temptation: we bought an iPod Nano in Seville!

Now Angela's up in the room downloading all her favorite songs fom iTunes on our laptop, while I have to wait in the lobby for one of the hostel's computers to become free... that is, when all those 20-year old American girls who were busy talking drama and boyfriends all night in the kitchen are done checking their Facebook and MySpace pages...


Anonymous said...

the new Zune is fresh in US :-)
did you meet your old friends from Spain?
Cand te mai apropii de Germania/Muncenii de Vale asa mai tare?

Big Fat Rat said...

No old friends in spain yet - my friend Javier from Sevilla (which you may remember from Munich) is still working in Germany.

The Zune is just too big and bulky compared with the iPod Nano 3G...

Munceni... another time, cand e mai cald.