Run the equator: Not much time left

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Not much time left

At the office, I've been working frantically on my last feature, which has to be finished and tested before I leave. Things haven't been so smooth and I've been lagging behind in some areas that should have been figured out long ago. But everything should be ready now, a couple of more days for testing, then it's all smooth sailing and maybe some bug fixing; It would be irresponsible to undertake anything major when I'm two weeks away from leaving my job.

I'm a little sad that I'm leaving all this behind, but my mind hasn't been on my job for the last few months, ever since we decided to go on full-throttle with the plan. It's hard to do both: be 100% focused at the office and work on the trip at the same time, especially as I had to spend some hours doing trip planning while at work: calling foreign consulates during day time, going to the post and figuring out all the quirks with the Romanian consulate for all those documents that I needed... but I catch up at night; I have spent many late hours at the office these recent weeks.

Today I had a general physical exam, the last doctor visit before departure - better do it now, while I still have medical insurance; I just wanted to be sure I would be healthy as I leave for this trip, and it turns out that nothing is wrong with me, at least according to the blood tests and the x-rays. The head?... don't know...

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