Run the equator: The soles of my feet

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The soles of my feet

We're preparing for a long trip, and a long trip means a lot of walking. City streets, rough African safari roads, South American mountain trails, sandy beaches, pebble-covered river banks and suspicious-looking campground shower floors, all will find their way under my feet at one time or another.

One unavoidable question for each traveller is "how many pairs of shoes should I take?" Without much hesitation I opted for the magical number three. One pair of Keen trekking shoes for most of the out-of-town walking, one pair of (presumably indestructible - according to the people who swear by them) Tiva sandals for the aforementioned sandy beaches and suspicious showers and a third pair of sturdy neutral-looking walking shoes, mostly for city walking.

I have bought the Keen and the Tiva at REI not long ago, but I haven't yet decided anything about the third pair. It should be something that looks good with jeans and khakis, but I won't mind if I were refused entry in a Michelin restaurant because of my shoes being too casual.

I'm sure Angela would think three pairs of shoes for a whole year is blatant insanity but as long as she carries her 36 pairs herself I won't mind...


Lex M Walker said...

Well, actually I just got back from a 5 month trip around the world (literally). On the way I trekked through Switzerland, Greece, Egypt, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, China (Great Wall hike is amazing...), and South Korea. For the entire trip I also took one pair of Tevas and some Keen. Even for running I found the Keen worked nicely. Just a thought.

Don't know where you're going but for some travel logs visit my blog.


Anonymous said...

Fritz! I'm surprised Angela would let you take 3 pair. You know for a fact she will have you hold her 40+ shoes! I am so excited for you both. It's her last day at work today...I am sitting reminiscing...This will be the last time seeing her at her desk... (tear slowly dropping down my cheek). No more crazy Angela more random dance moves from her...she's so great! You guys will have so much fun. My goal is to come out and visit you guys sometime next year! ~Michelle

Big Fat Rat said...

Michelle, you're always welcome to share our pasta Bolognese with us!