Run the equator: The point of no return

Thursday, March 8, 2007

The point of no return

I just gave notice at work today. Four more weeks.

When I first mentioned it to my manager, he reacted with "so, you've had enough?"

No, it's a great job, but my wife and I have decided to take a year off and travel around the world, etc

It was indeed a tough decision. I like my job and it's the best job I've had so far. I felt a lot of stress recently, but that's not the job's fault; it's mostly an undesired side-effect of my trying to juggle too many things at once: work, family, trip planning, hobbies, writing... it wouldn't be easy on anybody, unless you're Dilbert's pointy-haired boss and you know how to delegate everything...

Most of the people that I shared this news with are very curious, where I'm going and what I will do. It's certainly not your average job departure. My manager and his manager suggested that they would be delighted to have me work in this group again when I come back. It would be nice, but of course they can't promise anything, and I don't expect them to. A lot can happen in one year.

OK, now we're really on, there's no way back.


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip- this looks fun!

Katie said...

I guess that this is for real now, huh? On to more important matters, when are you throwing your big "We're leaving for a year" party?

Big Fat Rat said...


Is that you, math wizz?

Yes, there will be a party, but the date is not set yet. Around the first week of april.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fritz
Sounds like you are very well organised.
Saw you were asking about Gorilla Treks. Here is some info for you to help plan your trip.
There are loads of companies doing Gorilla Treks. The main way is via Overlanding Companies, most are UK companies - Oasis, Absolute Af, Drago etc. However, the cheapest company but up there with service, accom etc is Africa Expedition Support. Basically they are all the same, very similar itineraries, stay at the same campsites etc.

Big Fat Rat said...

To Anonymous (about gorillas):

Thanks for the tips. We're still considering the gorilla trekking in Uganda but since the government has just raised the pass prices to $500, this trip is on the cutting-room floor for now.