Run the equator: Step one!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Step one!

We made it to Mexico! No nasty surprises and no problems so far.

We left the airport for the car rental location immediately, got our car and went out of the path of the North-American tourist crowds as fast as we could.

The road from Cancun to Valladolid in central Yucatan is a hallucinating stretch of asphalt. It goes in a straight line for miles and miles, flanked by the green wall of the jungle in a repetitive pattern that could make one think they're drivig in circles, trapped on a foreign planet. Add to this the fact that there's almost no car on the toll road, no gas station or rest stop, nowhere to pull aside, and you'll become very grateful once you see the first human beings on th outskirts of town.

I won't say more about Valladolid now, because my eyes are closing as I type. Just that it's a nice sleepy town that looks unfinished in a certain way. Great tacos nonetheless. And everybody seems to drive a Nissan.

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Anonymous said...

Una cerveza per favor senor :-)
misto la mexicani, parca sunt tiganii nostri, cel putin aia din LA :-D LOL
drum bun mai departe, have fun! si baga si poze :-)